The feminine universe and the Bible are for Chagall two continuous sources of inspiration, which leads him to emphasize, in many of his works, the feminine values of millenary tradition that he finds in the Bible, of which he is a profound connoisseur.

Love as a vital motor and human passions are the protagonists of Chagall’s work and of the exhibition path. The woman is the main source of inspiration for Chagall and is the protagonist of a series of lithographs he created in 1960 on the feminine universe of the Old Testament, with a series of books common to the Jewish and Christian religions. The artist wishes to make known the rich feminine universe represented in the Bible and the relevance of the female characters that are part of our Judeo-Christian tradition and that had been so rarely treated, thus distancing himself from any prevailing artistic movement at that time.

In these works, are represented, with an explosion of color, strong and courageous women, who love and are loved, which transmits a strong optimism and joy of life. The loyalty between women, which the artist represents through the story of Ruth and Boaz, or the story of Sarah and her difficulty in conceiving children, are just some of the examples narrated in these millenary texts that Marc Chagall wishes to bring to the present day with his narrative painting using an intense poetic language.